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Bristol, Dane Co, WI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arians, Florence A.  19 Apr 1863Bristol, Dane Co, WI I19052
2 Bakke, Harold J.  21 Sep 1917Bristol, Dane Co, WI I39989
3 Balzer, Edward Joseph  18 Jun 1925Bristol, Dane Co, WI I5482
4 Barth, Frank  27 Apr 1866Bristol, Dane Co, WI I32758
5 Batz, Adelaid  Dec 1877Bristol, Dane Co, WI I155
6 Batz, Alexander  10 Dec 1913Bristol, Dane Co, WI I318
7 Batz, Andrew  23 Aug 1920Bristol, Dane Co, WI I598
8 Batz, Armella Regina  9 Feb 1915Bristol, Dane Co, WI I319
9 Batz, Barbara Mary  29 Apr 1855Bristol, Dane Co, WI I6
10 Batz, Clemens Peter Sr.  26 Nov 1894Bristol, Dane Co, WI I27
11 Batz, Elizabeth M.  24 Jun 1881Bristol, Dane Co, WI I306
12 Batz, Erhard  8 Dec 1859Bristol, Dane Co, WI I8
13 Batz, George Adam  22 Jan 1865Bristol, Dane Co, WI I11
14 Batz, George Andrew  6 Jan 1917Bristol, Dane Co, WI I322
15 Batz, George Peter  13 Nov 1849Bristol, Dane Co, WI I3
16 Batz, Johanna Mary  22 Jan 1865Bristol, Dane Co, WI I10
17 Batz, John  26 Dec 1850Bristol, Dane Co, WI I4
18 Batz, John Peter  22 Jun 1927Bristol, Dane Co, WI I603
19 Batz, Margaret Mary  17 Apr 1862Bristol, Dane Co, WI I9
20 Batz, Martha Agnes  20 Apr 1923Bristol, Dane Co, WI I599
21 Batz, Mary  30 Aug 1857Bristol, Dane Co, WI I7
22 Batz, Mary Anna  17 Apr 1867Bristol, Dane Co, WI I12
23 Batz, Peter August  30 Apr 1929Bristol, Dane Co, WI I604
24 Batz, Peter John  12 Dec 1882Bristol, Dane Co, WI I308
25 Batz, Prisca Barbara  25 May 1903Bristol, Dane Co, WI I30
26 Batz, Regina Mary  15 May 1901Bristol, Dane Co, WI I29
27 Batz, Sylvester John  31 Dec 1918Bristol, Dane Co, WI I596
28 Batz, Valentine  12 Mar 1853Bristol, Dane Co, WI I5
29 Batz, Zita Barbara  27 Apr 1896Bristol, Dane Co, WI I28
30 Benisch, Annetta Barbara  11 Apr 1902Bristol, Dane Co, WI I24075
31 Benisch, Arlene L.  1 Dec 1928Bristol, Dane Co, WI I7639
32 Benisch, Beatrice Anna  5 Feb 1923Bristol, Dane Co, WI I23550
33 Benisch, Casper Rudolph  9 Mar 1915Bristol, Dane Co, WI I23545
34 Benisch, Clemens Oscar  21 May 1928Bristol, Dane Co, WI I23553
35 Benisch, Delores Laura Ann "Dee"  6 May 1930Bristol, Dane Co, WI I7640
36 Benisch, Donald C.  16 Jun 1939Bristol, Dane Co, WI I7635
37 Benisch, Donald Frank  25 Dec 1930Bristol, Dane Co, WI I23554
38 Benisch, Dorothy Mathilda  3 Feb 1921Bristol, Dane Co, WI I23549
39 Benisch, Mary  11 Jan 1933Bristol, Dane Co, WI I23555
40 Benisch, Norbert Andrew  21 May 1926Bristol, Dane Co, WI I24094
41 Benisch, Oscar R.  1 Nov 1901Bristol, Dane Co, WI I7633
42 Benisch, Paul Martin  27 Jan 1917Bristol, Dane Co, WI I23546
43 Benisch, Rose Mary  30 Dec 1918Bristol, Dane Co, WI I23548
44 Benisch, Walter Frank  13 Mar 1900Bristol, Dane Co, WI I24093
45 Bennesh, Albert J.  17 Jun 1908Bristol, Dane Co, WI I45882
46 Brooks, Herbert W.  12 Nov 1898Bristol, Dane Co, WI I46717
47 Brooks, James Jerome  9 Apr 1933Bristol, Dane Co, WI I46718
48 Burke, Burnette A.  8 Sep 1923Bristol, Dane Co, WI I46955
49 Burke, Delbert Victor  14 Aug 1916Bristol, Dane Co, WI I50600
50 Burnson, James Garfield  9 Feb 1906Bristol, Dane Co, WI I38576

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anna Maria  22 Jun 1879Bristol, Dane Co, WI I14431
2 Bernardina  Bristol, Dane Co, WI I7366
3 Sophia  24 Apr 1906Bristol, Dane Co, WI I42132
4 Albright, Dorothy Louise  16 Aug 1984Bristol, Dane Co, WI I5472
5 Batz, Alexander  8 Jan 1914Bristol, Dane Co, WI I318
6 Batz, Andrew  26 Dec 1927Bristol, Dane Co, WI I598
7 Batz, Carly Nicole  18 Dec 2008Bristol, Dane Co, WI I298
8 Batz, George Peter  8 Mar 1919Bristol, Dane Co, WI I3
9 Batz, John Peter  22 Jun 1927Bristol, Dane Co, WI I603
10 Batz, Sylvester John  3 Jun 1994Bristol, Dane Co, WI I596
11 Betlach, Joseph  25 Sep 1896Bristol, Dane Co, WI I8089
12 Blodeck, Mary  18 Mar 1934Bristol, Dane Co, WI I44447
13 Breunig, Leontine M.  13 Oct 1995Bristol, Dane Co, WI I23317
14 Brooks, Joseph  31 Jan 1942Bristol, Dane Co, WI I48572
15 Brooks, Joseph C.  22 Nov 1968Bristol, Dane Co, WI I48574
16 Burnson, Ole O.  6 Feb 1944Bristol, Dane Co, WI I40071
17 Clemens, Katherine  5 Apr 1923Bristol, Dane Co, WI I21090
18 Davison  1 Oct 1884Bristol, Dane Co, WI I41324
19 Davison  21 Feb 1885Bristol, Dane Co, WI I41325
20 Davison, Robert W.  23 May 1921Bristol, Dane Co, WI I41170
21 Derr, Lucy Ann  28 Dec 1960Bristol, Dane Co, WI I24117
22 Dushack, John William  31 Mar 1931Bristol, Dane Co, WI I15342
23 Dusheck, Joseph  5 Apr 1877Bristol, Dane Co, WI I39260
24 Dustan, Frederick William  23 Jan 1885Bristol, Dane Co, WI I41247
25 Egbertson, Ida J.  18 Jul 1886Bristol, Dane Co, WI I34803
26 Emmert, Katharina  6 Jul 1887Bristol, Dane Co, WI I19571
27 Esser, Kari Nelsdatter  10 Apr 1957Bristol, Dane Co, WI I43416
28 Feuling, Emily Lona  2 Mar 1884Bristol, Dane Co, WI I35922
29 Feuling, Franciscus Zaverius  16 Apr 1880Bristol, Dane Co, WI I35919
30 Feuling, Joseph Charles  7 May 1891Bristol, Dane Co, WI I35926
31 Feuling, Katharina Agnes  2 Apr 1881Bristol, Dane Co, WI I35920
32 Gullickson, Elmer Theodor  20 Apr 1899Bristol, Dane Co, WI I57148
33 Haner, Dudley  21 May 1922Bristol, Dane Co, WI I41275
34 Haner, Freddie  Abt 1867Bristol, Dane Co, WI I41268
35 Hansen, Harry Adolph  22 Jan 1966Bristol, Dane Co, WI I42492
36 Hess, Irma Mildred  1 Jun 1943Bristol, Dane Co, WI I44423
37 Klubertanz, Kathleen Ruth  16 Aug 1943Bristol, Dane Co, WI I22841
38 Krebs, Anthony  27 May 1928Bristol, Dane Co, WI I12107
39 Lessner, Adam  30 Mar 1936Bristol, Dane Co, WI I23180
40 Lukes, Emelia A.  30 May 1920Bristol, Dane Co, WI I22712
41 Meyer, Francis  Bristol, Dane Co, WI I7365
42 Quamme, Andrae Mathilde "Mathilda"  2 Jun 1946Bristol, Dane Co, WI I40725
43 Quamme, Bernt Johan "John"  8 May 1947Bristol, Dane Co, WI I40723
44 Quamme, Helene  15 Jul 1901Bristol, Dane Co, WI I40719
45 Quamme, Herbert Rudolph  21 Mar 1957Bristol, Dane Co, WI I40729
46 Quamme, Hermund H. "Herman"  12 Jun 1910Bristol, Dane Co, WI I40502
47 Reffel, Therese  Aug 1886Bristol, Dane Co, WI I16475
48 Renk, John William  12 Oct 1986Bristol, Dane Co, WI I36318
49 Renk, Joseph  23 Mar 1875Bristol, Dane Co, WI I19572
50 Riedner, George Michael  26 Mar 1892Bristol, Dane Co, WI I5450

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Batz / Gross  Abt 1877Bristol, Dane Co, WI F15
2 Birkinbine / Cobb  27 Feb 1883Bristol, Dane Co, WI F11013
3 Birkinbine / Haner  5 Mar 1884Bristol, Dane Co, WI F11011
4 Mann / Haner  22 Mar 1881Bristol, Dane Co, WI F13516
5 Marten / Davison  28 May 1935Bristol, Dane Co, WI F11021
6 Miller / Moy  1923Bristol, Dane Co, WI F54
7 Vangen / Gullickson  25 Oct 1915Bristol, Dane Co, WI F19883