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Columbus, Columbia Co, WI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andler, Phyllis H.  7 Jul 1926Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I49917
2 Arnold, Adele Christine  22 Dec 1903Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I36949
3 Austin, Philip R.  Abt 1917Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I53168
4 Ballweg, James A. "Jim"  1 Nov 1959Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I66241
5 Benisch, Harold William  28 May 1935Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44825
6 Bradley, Virginia  23 Mar 1921Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I4948
7 Callies, Laura Sophia  11 Nov 1916Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I35740
8 Conrad, Lawrence F.  25 Aug 1913Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I4906
9 Conrad, Ralph A.  6 Aug 1915Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I4908
10 Crombie, Francis M.  10 Jul 1908Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I45153
11 Damm, Joseph R.  23 Sep 1937Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44777
12 Derr, Ann Betty  17 Jan 1937Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I42827
13 Derr, Gladys Ann  10 Oct 1932Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I24109
14 Derr, Lloyd Andrew  12 Sep 1931Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I24108
15 Derr, Mary Ann  19 Dec 1935Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I42826
16 Derr, Mary Elizabeth  9 Jun 1959Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44666
17 Derr, Robert Albert "Bob"  6 Feb 1936Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44458
18 Derr, Virginia Marie "Ginny"  24 Apr 1952Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I26237
19 DeVinney, David Samuel  24 Jul 1929Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I65808
20 Doherty, Lorraine Marie  19 Jul 1924Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I43871
21 Duscheck, Mynetta Jane "Mickey"  5 May 1940Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I12578
22 Eckert, Clarence C.  2 May 1874Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I52264
23 Ehlenfeldt, Anthony E.  22 Aug 1950Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I50961
24 Endres, Ronald N.  2 Jun 1945Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I29480
25 Engelke, Stephen Arthur  27 Nov 1951Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I45789
26 Fox, George Elmer  30 Aug 1896Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I24063
27 Fox, Luella Caroline  29 Oct 1894Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I24052
28 Geiger, Rosemary A. "Pudgie"  23 Jan 1945Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I65785
29 Gmeinder, Ralph L.  13 Nov 1950Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I6284
30 Greenberg, Donald M. "Gibby"  6 Sep 1929Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I46383
31 Groh, Jerome Francis  17 Apr 1950Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I22234
32 Grossman, Loren C.  20 Jan 1946Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I53442
33 Haberkorn, Florian R.  31 Jan 1944Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I6234
34 Hebl, Francis R.  11 Oct 1916Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I12558
35 Heisig, Otto J.  26 Apr 1887Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I4998
36 Hoehne, Fredric C.  6 Jan 1945Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I49433
37 Joyce, Harold J. Sr.  12 Oct 1915Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I39745
38 Joyce, Lucille M.  29 Dec 1917Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I39761
39 Kalscheur, Edward Jr.  11 Jul 1944Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I610
40 Kalscheur, Joan Marlene  3 Apr 1966Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I1548
41 Kalscheur, Lorraine Barbara  8 May 1938Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I609
42 Kalscheur, Ralph Herman  22 May 1936Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I607
43 Kasper, Jerome A. "Jerry"  1945Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I4385
44 Klopotek, David R.  10 Jun 1942Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I52710
45 Klopotek, Gerald M.  23 Feb 1933Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I66712
46 Klubertanz, Kathleen Ruth  9 Jul 1942Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I22841
47 Kreger, Ruby Irene  14 Mar 1923Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I57151
48 Kroll, Frances Josephine  9 Mar 1905Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44403
49 Kroll, Irene Hedwig  6 Sep 1910Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44404
50 Kunn, Harold C.  16 Jan 1912Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I38686

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Thelma  24 Jan 1991Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I12014
2 Ackerman, Anne Maria  14 Jul 1922Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I7715
3 Anderson, Pearl O.  30 Jan 2012Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I51645
4 Arnold, Margaret Barbara  5 Jun 1960Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44269
5 Batz, Mary Bertille  25 Aug 1981Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I247
6 Batz, Peter John  8 Jul 1968Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I308
7 Belda, Albertina  23 Dec 1952Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I913
8 Benisch, Frank  24 Oct 1961Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I23542
9 Benisch, Harold William  25 Jul 2017Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44825
10 Brabender, Grace R.  31 Oct 2003Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I29824
11 Collett, Florence Maude  12 Jul 1977Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I46923
12 Conrad, Margaret  3 Sep 1957Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I4805
13 Damm, Joseph R.  26 Sep 1937Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44777
14 Damm, Reuben Frank  24 Sep 2003Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I38903
15 Derr, Celia Johanna  9 Dec 1962Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44288
16 Derr, Frances Mary  27 Jan 1964Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I41369
17 Derr, John Thomas Jr.  9 Dec 1930Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I25995
18 Derr, Lloyd Andrew  13 Sep 1931Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I24108
19 Deter, Frederick William  26 Dec 1951Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I20573
20 Duscheck, Rosalie Eleanor  10 Jan 1959Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I23682
21 Dynes, Alice  31 Mar 1948Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I41026
22 Ewald, Hattie  24 May 1900Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I46033
23 Fadness, Edwin  22 Mar 1993Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I50303
24 Fahrenkopf, Gerald Henry  Aug 1982Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I36466
25 Fahrenkopf, Harold Oliver Friederich  22 Aug 1976Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I36448
26 Feuling, Eugene Lawrence  18 Jan 1991Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I7718
27 Finger, Marie A.  16 Jul 1996Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I37144
28 Fox, Aroline Gertrude  18 Sep 1917Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I42384
29 Groh, Norman Anthony  Nov 1982Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I22229
30 Grove, Clairmont W.  7 Oct 2014Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I65781
31 Haberman, Bernadine M.  19 Jan 2011Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I34044
32 Hamre, Edward Johnson  11 Nov 1950Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I47120
33 Hamre, Hazel Evangeline  18 Feb 1990Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I50302
34 Hein, Jeanne M.  15 Apr 2017Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I38994
35 Heisig, Otto J.  16 Sep 1967Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I4998
36 Hemling, Floyd W.  7 Dec 1995Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I40743
37 Hessel, Ida Priska  24 Jul 1987Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I12773
38 Hubatch, Caroline M. "Carrie"  13 Mar 2011Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I46975
39 Huebl, Mary  5 Aug 1940Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I24013
40 Joyce, Lucille M.  6 Feb 2012Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I39761
41 Kalscheur, Edward Jr.  11 Jul 1944Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I610
42 Kalscheur, Joan Marlene  12 Oct 1968Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I1548
43 Kalscheur, Lorraine Barbara  10 Jul 1943Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I609
44 Klecker, Mary Alvina  29 Aug 1955Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I64318
45 Klinger, Claude G.  22 Dec 1993Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I9826
46 Klinger, Claude G.  22 Dec 1993Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I52455
47 Kroll, August H.  7 Oct 1947Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44400
48 Link, Gertrude  25 Aug 1987Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I6770
49 McGovern, Virginia Mary  22 Mar 1976Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I43506
50 Mclarty, Catherine  11 Jul 1976Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I13201

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Derr, Frances Mary  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I41369
2 Derr, Jacob  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I41368
3 Derr, John Thomas Jr.  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I25995
4 Derr, Mathilda  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I41371
5 Derr, Ralph John  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I26002
6 Derr, Wilhelmine  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I41370
7 Deter, Ernest J.  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44823
8 Kessenich, John William  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I45328
9 Kessenich, Robert Joseph  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I45330
10 Kessenich, William John Jr.  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I45327
11 Link, Rolena  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I44723
12 Moreth, Rev. Frank  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I36933
13 Weisensel, Helen  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I22357
14 Wenker, Zita Mary  Columbus, Columbia Co, WI I25996


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradley / Schmeling  29 Jun 1935Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F17891
2 Damm / Fox  13 Jun 1911Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F15677
3 Derr / Fox  4 May 1909Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F2116
4 Derr / Monson  1 Aug 1918Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F14701
5 Duscheck / Warncke  20 Jun 1939Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F1452
6 Fahrenkopf / Barraclough  12 Jun 1928Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F11603
7 Freidel / Prosser  9 Nov 1940Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F7376
8 Goerke / Wedel  27 Oct 1945Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F14932
9 Groh / Seidlinger  23 Sep 1935Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F7545
10 Gullickson / Quamme  10 Sep 1888Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F13264
11 Haberman / Fox  1 Feb 1915Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F7972
12 Hammer / Arnold  15 Jun 1926Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F11791
13 Haseleau / Gehrke  7 Mar 1916Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F21668
14 Huefner / Fox  21 May 1923Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F13941
15 Jones / Sherman  13 Oct 1944Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F15674
16 Kunn / Marks  13 Oct 1937Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F16594
17 Olrick / Derr  17 Aug 1940Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F14719
18 Peterson / Yohn  17 Jun 1942Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F21662
19 Quamme / Schultz  9 Oct 1930Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F13337
20 Ring / Wendt  10 Mar 1931Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F13744
21 Roberts / Kroll  2 Aug 1930Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F15040
22 Roob / Hessel  14 Jun 1922Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F1432
23 Skrenes / Leitsch  22 Aug 1954Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F17592
24 Stier / Scheuerell  1867Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F81
25 Tobin / Hessel  7 Feb 1925Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F1433
26 Tuschen / Jones  11 Jul 1934Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F11939
27 Voelker / Lange  19 Nov 1913Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F6046
28 Wedel / Hauser  21 Jun 1941Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F14999
29 Weisensel / Mulligan  11 Nov 1935Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F7606
30 Weisensel / Schmitt  19 Jun 1945Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F7557
31 Weisensel / Stier  10 Apr 1888Columbus, Columbia Co, WI F8039